Stepping Out In Faith + Free Giveaway

Are you ready to revamp the look of your website? Well you’ve found the right post! My name is Erika, and I design beautiful themes at Risen Upon Thee. I’m also super thankful for my co-host, Shanique for allowing me to feature my giveaway on her blog. But before you enter to WIN A FREE […]

Waiting On The Lord While Single

With tears in her eyes, my friend kicked off her heels and jumped into bed sobbing uncontrollably. Here she was for the umpteen time heart broken. Another day, another player, another dude claiming to be what he wasn’t. When will this all end, she muttered? “Why can’t I just find the one whom my soul […]

And The Liebster Award Goes To…

I am pretty stoked right now. Last week, I got nominated for not one, but two Liebster awards. Thanks to Alexis and Luke for nominating me. The Liebster award is an online recognition award given by bloggers to fellow bloggers. The award is usually given to bloggers with 200 or less subscribers. Simply put, the […]

How to Pray Effectively

Learning How to Pray

Think about your bestie for a moment. In an average day, how many times do you communicate.If you are like me, probably way too many times than you care to admit. We want to share exciting tidbits about our day, give them that inside scoop about that guy who finally asked you out, or just […]

What it Means to Love Unconditionally

As a little girl, I always dreamed of one day meeting my prince charming and falling in love. Fate would have that we meet on a long-distance flight, sparks would fly and we would realize that we just couldn’t live without each other. We would pursue a relationship, he would eventually propose in Paris and […]

I Forgive But Never Forget

Forgiveness isn’t an easy feat, someone does you wrong and we forever hold it against them. Or we often tell ourselves oh I forgive I just never forget. Such double standards, Jesus takes us in our sinful state and forgives us , he goes a step further and he forgets. Yet we fail to do […]

Using Coupons to Support Your Outreach Ministry

Welcome to Freestyle Friday! This week, we will be talking about how you can use coupons to help support your outreach Ministry. I am guilty of liking the finer things in life. With thousands of dollars in student loan debt, a new car to my name and just the daily expenses of life, I have […]

10 Fun Christian Zumba Workouts

Welcome to Freestyle Friday! This week on the blog, we discussed, “How to Witness” if you missed it, you can check it out here.  I am also linking up with some fabulous bloggers participating in the Salt & Light linkup . Be sure to check them out and follow your favorites.Since its Friday, I felt […]

How to be a Witness

As the mornings service ended, I was feeling blessed. My spiritual gas tank was on full, enough to carry me through the week. As I gathered my belongings to exit the temple, I could hear my pastor in the background urging the ushers to give each member eight flyers to hand out for our upcoming […]