God’s Love Changes Everything


God’s love, immense, vast and far beyond our understanding. We often let the reality of God’s love and grace become nothing but a subtle idea.

I often wonder, how would our lives alter if we truly got even a little grip on the concept of God’s love. I do believe it has the power to revolutionize and reconstruct our everyday living.

It’s Monday morning. You hit snooze for the 4th time and you are absolutely dreading doing Monday. You think that only coffee is making this day happen. *Record Scratch*. Wrong! Let’s redo this.

It’s Monday morning. You hit snooze once, and this time not for complaining or negative reasons. You really are just a little tired. You are filled with excitement for today and coffee is just the icing on top.

Why the change? God’s love. The second time around, you woke up and remembered that you are fully known and deeply loved. You thought about how God is with you today, for you and you get to be a blessing. You look around, and feel loved that God has provided a place for you to rest, and on top of that he is your rest.

Fast forward a little bit, and you go to work and you get into a little bit of strife with your co-worker. Maybe you go to school and get into a little conflict with your peers. On this given day, you might just give into what the enemy wants you to do- be impatient, get mad, tear your ‘opponent down. No matter how many blows you send their way, you leave feeling defeated and downcast. You have gained nothing.

This is where the love of God comes in. His love changes everything. So let’s try this again. Scene is set- you’re at school or work and an attack is on you. Your peers or co-workers are ready to go at it with you, but this time, you are reminded of God’s love. You understand the person better, and that their attack could have been caused by a bad morning or a rough night. You tap into the love of God and see through the eyes of Jesus. Instead of firing back, you calmly look at the person. You diffuse the situation instead of fueling it. You have gained everything. You’ve glorified God, left as a winner, and whether you know it or not- you are seen as the bigger person by God.

As your day comes to an end, you head on home and plop on a nearby couch to unwind. You decide to spend your time scrolling through hundreds of social media posts. You start to listen to the enemy and feel bad about yourself, as insecurities hit hard. You call your best friend to slander the person you got into trouble with this morning, and you binge-watch some shows that definitely don’t glorify God. You say a quick and mindless “Thanks God for this day, bless this night- Amen”. You go to sleep just to wake up defeated again.

No- this is not what Women of God are called to! Here’s how this night should have went. You arrive home and unwind. You still check social media, but spend a significantly less amount of time. You hear the voice of the enemy but refuse to heed to it. God’s love tells you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. His love tells you that you are more than enough and that you are where you are suppose to be. You call your best friend, and you both talk about your day and encourage each other. You say kind and soul-enriching things to one another. There is no slander. You say goodnight and open up the word of God. You let God fill your soul. You spend earnest time in prayer and truly seek God’s faith- even if the prayer is still short. You have a peaceful night of rest from God Himself. You’re ready to do tomorrow- more so, you’re excited.

So let’s make a pact. A pact to meditate on the Love of God and never let it become mundane. Let’s live our best lives, wrapped up in God’s will and by His loving arms and not let negative emotions take root. He calls us. He wants us.


God's love changes everything




Rebecca Ince

Rebecca Ince is a College Freshman and ministry gal. She is the voice behind Golden Hour Podcast and her blog and Ministry, goldenhourministry.com. Her goal in Ministry is to provide a space where people can come as they are and experience the Perfect Love of God. When she is not writing or podcasting about the goodness of Jesus, you can find her pinning something on Pinterest or studying.

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    Sara @ The Holy Mess
    September 21, 2018 at 11:26 pm

    I love this post! What an awesome reminder that God’s love really does change everything in our lives – both big and small. Life is not easy, but we have this greater hope and this amazing joy that we cling to.

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