The Ultimate Love Story: A Reminder That Someone Loves You Unconditionally

The Ultimate Love Story of Jesus's sacrifice for our sins


I am a sucker for romantic movies.

Girl meets guy and after years of dating she suddenly realizes that he isn’t the one.

A timely realization after a chance weekend encounter with another guy. As fate would have it, they are perfectly suited for each other and as the story goes, they live happily ever after.

As you grow older, you quickly realize that life isn’t how they appear in the movies. The princes often turn out to be frogs instead of prince charming.

With February being the month where there is a big focus on love, I can’t help but reflect on the world’s definition of love in comparison to the bibles portrayal of what it truly means to love.

Living the Celebrity Life

Can you imagine yourself being royalty and having all the money in the world?

You could buy anything you wanted, travel to exotic places, tell your assistant to jump and he would simply ask you how high. With a powerful family name, you could pretty much have all your heart desires.

Would you even for a second think about leaving it all behind? And all for what, a life of poverty, suffering and shame?

No denying it, I would think that person must be insane. But, guess what, John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he GAVE his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Aren’t you thankful that someone loves you so much that they are “loony” about you to give up their all just for you?

The Ultimate Love Story

To grasp the true essence of this sacrifice, we need to take a journey back to the creation story and the fall of man in Genesis chapter 1-3.

This week, I am guest posting over by Brina Lynn where I am talking about, ” The Ultimate Love Story“. Head on over to read the entire blog post. Once you are finished reading, you can head on back over to the blog where you can download a free wall printable.

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