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Rock Solid Faith empowers the young in faith through bible study tips and resources to help them become rooted in Christ.

I was an avid church goer. I was present at church every week and I was actively involved in church activities.

But then, Puberty kicked in and shortly after, I was stepping into adulthood.

I started questioning everything I believed in. Was the dead really dead? Was the creation story as the world said just a big bang?

I had lots of questions, but getting answers seemed way less appealing than the attractive world that reality TV presented me.

Church was after all Boring! The songs were slow paced lacking that upbeat rhythm and sermons were well, simply the cure for my insomnia.

The world seemed way more attractive than being “the church girl.” While I never stopped attending church, my bible quickly gathered dust and my prayer life took a nose dive.

Before long, Jesus was no longer my BFF (Best Friend For Ever). We were more like friends with benefits, with me seeking him only when I needed him. I quickly learned that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?Mark 8:36 KJV

I know how challenging it can be to live a christian life in an anti-christian culture. My breakthrough came when on a whim I decided to read the bible in 90 days. I wish I could tell you I was successful but I wasn’t. I failed miserably! Then I read The Lipstick Gospel. A story about a sorority girl who found God in a heartbreak, the Sistine chapel and the perfect cappuccino.

This sorority girl moved from not being a christian, from a life of excessive drinking and partying to one that was overflowing with richness and color in her relationship with God. Being a christian my whole life, my relationship with God was nothing in comparison. Determined to find the chocolate among the pages of the Bible like she did instead of the unappetizing salad I felt it was all these years, I resurrected my desire to read the Bible.

From Genesis to Revelation I read determined to find God for myself. The biggest eye opener for me was that I was actually enjoying reading my Bible and it wasn’t this boring book I had pictured.

Maybe your story isn’t quite like mine but you long to know God more. Whether you are a new believer, a backslider or one that has been a christian your whole life, my wish for you is that you will fall in love with the word of God like I did.

If you are tired of surface level faith and want to know God for real. I encourage you to subscribe to the blog as we provide you with resources to help you become rooted in Christ.