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Rock Solid Faith is a place for young adults who are looking for new and exciting ways to study the Bible and grow their faith.

Are you are looking for encouragement and resources to grow your christian faith? If so, you are going to like it here. Bible Study need not be a drag or be considered boring.

Learn interactive bible study methods, get Bible study tips and find activity ideas to help you find joy and adventure in the word of God.  Every week you can expect to find spiritual encouragement, resources to intentionally grow your faith as well as tools to flourish in your relationships and your online ministry.




I was an avid church goer. I was present at church every week and I was actively involved in church activities.

But then, Puberty kicked in and shortly after, I was stepping into adulthood.

I started questioning everything I believed in. Was the dead really dead? Was the creation story as the world said just a big bang?

I had lots of questions, but getting answers seemed way less appealing than the attractive world that reality TV presented me.

Church was after all Boring! The songs were slow paced lacking that upbeat rhythm and sermons were well, simply the cure for my insomnia.

The world seemed way more attractive than being “the church girl.” While I never stopped attending church, my bible quickly gathered dust and my prayer life took a nose dive.

Before long, Jesus was no longer my BFF (Best Friend For Ever). We were more like friends with benefits, with me seeking him only when I needed him. I quickly learned that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

I am on a journey of self-discovery to grow my relationship with the Lord. I founded Rock Solid Faith to keep myself accountable to spending time in the word. My hope is that through this blog others will also come to find joy and adventure in the word of God.

My life is far from perfect but guess what, God wants us to come just as we are. He will use us regardless of our backgrounds, regardless of our inadequacies, you just need to be willing. If you are at a point where you are struggling with your relationship with God.  Or just looking for a weekly source for spiritual encouragement, I would love if you join me along this journey as we reignite our passion for God.  New here? Check out our Free Bible Studies and Christian Book suggestions.

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