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Rock Solid Faith is a place for young adults looking for new  ways to dive into the word of God and apply biblical principles to everyday life.


I was an avid church goer. I was present at church every week and I was actively involved in church activities.

But then, Puberty kicked in and shortly after, I was stepping into adulthood.

I started questioning everything I believed in. Was the dead really dead? Was the creation story as the world said just a big bang?

I had lots of questions, but getting answers seemed way less appealing than the attractive world that reality TV presented me.

Church was after all Boring! The songs were slow paced lacking that upbeat rhythm and sermons were well, simply the cure for my insomnia.

The world seemed way more attractive than being “the church girl.” While I never stopped attending church, my bible quickly gathered dust and my prayer life took a nose dive.

Before long, Jesus was no longer my BFF (Best Friend For Ever). We were more like friends with benefits, with me seeking him only when I needed him. I quickly learned that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


As a young adult myself, I know how challenging it can be to live a christian life in an anti-christian culture. However, what makes it so much easier, is having a community of girlfriends to support you, pray for you and share their experiences with you as you strive to live a Godly life. Your brokenness is welcomed and I hope you will feel right at home here.

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Hi there! I'm Shanique, the founder of Rock Solid Faith. I am a multi-passionate millennial who loves helping others embrace their identity in Christ while figuring out this whole "adult" thing. On the blog, you'll find helpful Bible study tips to help you develop a deeper intimacy with God, biblical encouragement, christian living articles and so much more!