The Best 365 Day Bible Reading Plan Printable

Looking for a 365 Day Bible reading plan printable? Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey through the pages of the most extraordinary book ever written—the Bible? Well, buckle up, because I’ve got the perfect tool for you: a 365-Day Bible Reading Plan Printable to read the whole Bible in a year!

Many of us desire to read the entire Bible but struggle to stay consistent. Life gets busy, and before we know it, days turn into weeks, and weeks into months. A structured plan can make all the difference, helping you not only stay on track with the daily readings but also savor the richness of the Scriptures in bite-sized portions.

This Bible reading plan is carefully crafted to guide you through the Old and New Testament passages, covering a diverse range of themes and teachings in chronological order.

Each day offers a curated selection of verses that provide a well-rounded view of God’s message. Whether you’re a seasoned believer or just starting your faith journey this new year, this plan is designed to meet you right where you are.

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365-Day Bible Reading Plan Printable

This 365-day Bible reading plan printable is a great resource as you read the Bible in a year. It’s a chronological Bible reading plan journal. Consider printing the pages and adding it to your favorite Bible study journal.

As you faithfully engage with the 365-Day Bible Reading Plan Printable reading different genres from the Bible, let it become more than just ink on paper. Transform it into a cherished keepsake by incorporating it into your favorite Bible study journal.

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Picture flipping through its pages at the end of the year, each filled with your reflections, prayers, and the divine revelations you’ve encountered. It’s not just a plan; it’s a tangible testimony of your spiritual journey, a visual reminder of a year spent immersed in the life-changing words of the Almighty.

This 365-Day Bible Reading Plan Printable includes the following key features: 

Monthly Bible Reading Plans – Includes a floral themed monthly Bible reading plan that walks through the entire Bible in chronological order in 12 months. 

Daily Journal Sheets  – Includes a daily journal sheet for recording what you read and study each day. Plus it has a fun new design for each month of the year. The Daily journal sheets outlines the HEAR Bible Study Method (there is instructions on how to use it if you are unfamiliar with this Bible study method). It a great way to dig deeper into the passages you have read. 

H- His Word – Record the verse that spoke to you 

E- Examine it – What did you observe about the verses, jot down 2-3 facts. 

A- Apply it – How can you apply what you have learnt from the verses to your life? Is there a sin to confess or a promise to claim? 

R- Respond in prayer – Write a prayer to God based on how he is speaking to you through the verse

As a bonus,  book chapter worksheets and book study worksheets are also included for going deeper. 

This 52-week bible reading plan also includes Notes pages, 6 Verse Cards to write out your favorite verses from each month’s reading, coloring pages, Bible books reading checklist, Bible color code guide and binder tabs for creating a beautiful binder to keep your journal organized for each day of the week. Download the 365-Day Bible Reading Plan Printable.

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How to Use the 365-Day Bible Reading Plan Printable

  1. Download and Print: Start by downloading the daily Bible reading plan printable and printing it out. Keep it in your Bible, on your fridge, or in a dedicated journal—anywhere that suits your daily routine.
  2. Set a Time: Choose a consistent time each day to engage with the bible verses. Whether it’s in the morning with a cup of tea or before bed.
  3. Reflect and Journal: As you read, take a moment to reflect on the passages. What speaks to your heart? What lessons can you apply to your life? Consider keeping a journal to record your thoughts and prayers.
  4. Share the Journey: Invite friends, family, or your faith community to join you on this adventure. Sharing insights and experiences can deepen your understanding and foster a sense of community. I want to also encourage you to join our Bible in a year reading plan that we are currently doing as a community of YouTube. While not in chronological order, we are currently reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation utilizing a one year reading plan. Also included are weekly reflection questions to help you dig deeper. Ensure that you subscribe so you don’t have to go searching for the latest video.
Bible in a year reading plan

Download Your 365-Day Bible Reading Plan Printable

The 365-Day Bible Reading Plan Printable is not merely a set of pages to check off each day; it is a companion for your spiritual growth. The inclusion of the HEAR Bible Study Method in the daily journal sheets provides a framework for a more profound engagement with the Scriptures.

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Through this method—recording, examining, applying, and responding in prayer—you’ll find the Word of God taking root in your heart and transforming your life.

Moreover, the additional resources included in this plan, such as book chapter worksheets, verse cards, coloring pages, and more, are not just extras; they are tools to help you go deeper in your understanding and application of God’s word.

The beautifully designed binder tabs and checklist add a touch of organization to your journey, making it a visually stunning reminder of your commitment to the Word throughout the year.

As you embark on this journey, remember to download and print the 365-Day Bible Reading Plan Printable, placing it where it fits seamlessly into your daily routine. Set a dedicated time to engage with the Scriptures, reflect on the passages, and journal your thoughts and prayers.

And don’t forget to share this adventure with others—invite friends, family, or your faith community to join you on this profound expedition. The insights and experiences shared can deepen your understanding and foster a sense of community.

May this journey through the Bible be a source of inspiration, wisdom, and transformation in your life.

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