Free 12-Month Bible in a Year Reading Plan Printable

12-Month Bible in a Year Reading Plan Printable

A 12-month Bible in a Year Reading Plan Printable is a great way to help you stay consistent with your daily readings. While engrossed in the mundane task of doing laundry, I was tuned in to my favorite weekly podcast when the host shared a surprising revelation.

She narrated a personal story of discovering the “chocolate” within the pages of the Bible. This intrigued me, as my previous experiences with reading the Bible felt more like consuming a plate of salad than savoring a delightful chocolate bar.

Inspired to uncover the joy within the Bible’s pages, I resurrected my desire to read the Bible, determined to find the “chocolate” instead of the unappetizing salad I felt it was all these years. Despite past failed attempts to complete a Bible in a year challenge, I felt a renewed sense of purpose.

Hold that thought though, I have some exciting news to share about our read the Bible in a year challenge this year, alongside some powerful tools that can help as you read the Bible in a year, so make sure you read to the very end of the post. 

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12-Month Bible in a Year Reading Plan Printable 

Instead of reading on a specific topic, or exploring different genre of scripture I immersed myself in the pages of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, eager to personally encounter God and discover the delightful “chocolate” hidden within. Surprisingly, I found genuine enjoyment in reading the Bible, dispelling the misconception that it was a dull book.

Whether your journey differs from mine, if you desire a deeper connection with God—whether you’re a new believer, someone who has strayed, or a lifelong Christian—I hope you, too, will develop a profound love for the Word of God. That’s why I’ve created this 12-month Bible in a Year Reading Plan Printable.

My goal is for us to delve into the Word and get to know the God of the Bible, falling head over heels in love with Him in the process.

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This Bible in a Year plan takes you through the whole Bible in chronological order – its a chronological bible reading plan. These aren’t short reading plans, on average, you’ll read three chapters each day, taking around 15 minutes.

Just a minimum of 15 minutes is all you need. If you have time to scroll through social media, you surely have time to read your Bible. I challenge you to commit to it, if your goal is spiritual growth this new year!

These are 30-day Bible reading plans, except in cases where a month has 31 or 28 days, ensuring you read the Bible in its entirety over the year. The readings are organized based on the month of the year, but you don’t have to start on January 1; you can begin at any point during the year. Simply download, print, and add it to your favorite Bible Study Binder.

Bible in a year reading plan

While various Bible in a Year plans are accessible on your phone, I prefer having a printed plan to minimize distractions.

So, here’s the big news I wanted to share: I’ve launched a YouTube Channel where I’ll be reading the Bible in a year for you—365 videos, one for each day of the week. I’ll also post a weekly Bible Recap, sharing what I’ve been learning including reflection questions to help you go deeper.

Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss the latest video. I also have a dedicated blog post with links to the daily videos, resources and reflection questions that you can check out. 

Using a 12-Month Bible in a Year Reading Plan Printable

I’ve been sharing this idea with my YouTube subscribers, and I want to extend it to you. I plan on adding my Bible in a Year reading plan to my favorite binder, alongside the weekly reflection questions , any favorite Bible verse and any helpful articles I come across.

By the end of the year, you’ll have a visual reminder of your journey in the Word with these monthly reading plans for the entire year. The good news, you will also have a handy list of Bible verses you can refer to for hard times.

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While the idea of reading the entire Bible in a year is commendable, it’s crucial to set realistic goals. Integrate your reading time into your daily routine—whether in the morning with tea or before bedtime, consistency is key. Treat it as a sacred appointment with God.

Enhance your reading experience by journaling your thoughts and reflections. Write down verses that resonate with you, record insights, and jot down any questions you have. This practice deepens your understanding and provides a valuable record of your journey in the Word.

Consider sharing your reading plan with a friend or joining a community of fellow readers. Having an accountability partner can motivate you to stay on track, share insights, and discuss challenging passages.

Life can be unpredictable, and there will be days when sticking to your reading plan becomes challenging. Be flexible and gracious with yourself. If you miss a day, don’t be discouraged.

Pick up where you left off and continue with renewed commitment. Before and after your reading session, take a moment for prayer—seek guidance, understanding, and an open heart to receive the messages within the text.

Celebrate your achievements along the way—whether completing books of the Bible or reaching a specific milestone, acknowledge and appreciate the progress you’ve made in your journey through the Bible in chronological order should you choose.

Free Printable Bible Reading Plans

Now I know not everyone wants to read the Bible in a year from Genesis to Revelation, there are different ways to read the Bible, so here are some other free printable Bible reading plans you can explore.

Whether you prefer thematic explorations, a chronological journey, or a more relaxed pace, reading an entire book, there are daily bible reading plans tailored to your preferences. These diverse options ensure that your Bible reading experience is not only accessible but also uniquely suited to your individual spiritual goals this new year.

Chronological Bible Reading Plan – This chronological Bible reading plan organizes the daily readings in chronological order based how scholars believed the order of events occurred. Download the monthly readings for these one-year bible reading plans.

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Chronological Bible Reading Plan – This chronological Bible reading plan organizes the daily readings by order of event as well but does it by book, ensuring you complete full books instead of jumping around. This is actually my favorite way to read the Bible, it allowed me to stick whole books off sooner instead of reading chapters in various books for several weeks. Download the chronological bible plans or the Genesis to Revelation Bible Reading plan.

Topical Bible Reading Plans– If instead of reading the whole Bible in a year you would rather just read verses on different topics in your own pace, these monthly bible reading plans are for you! Download the Bible reading plan printable!

Bible Verses For You – This 52-week Bible reading plan and Bible tracker combines both new testament  readings and old-testament readings and a psalm or proverb for each day. If you have a hard time with readings that spend a great deal of time with old testament readings.

Navigators Bible Reading Plan – They have three different one-year bible reading plan for you to choose from. 

M’cheyne Bible Reading Plan – Looks at new testament passages and Psalms, taking the reader through those books twice and the old testament once. There are four chapters a day in this plan. 

12-Month Bible in a Year Reading Plan Printable – Additional Bible Study Resources

 As you embark on reading the Bible in a year, you can consider utilizing the four-part book series called “Eden to Eternity.” It’s one of the best Bible reading plans I’ve come across.

Not only is it beautifully designed and coffee table-worthy, but it also includes a commentary with each daily reading to aid in understanding the bible verses, which is great for  new believers. Additionally, it provides reflection questions for each day, perfect for beginners. Check out the daily reading plan here!

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