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The spoken word has immense potential for either building up or tearing down. Too often, it’s the latter. Many of us are daily carrying around hurtful words, sometimes without even knowing it. These negative words have great influence over our lives and the lives of those around us. But thankfully, they are not the last word.

Mary Busha speaks to the hurting and guides them toward victory over the harmful, demeaning, or insulting words of their past. She shows readers how to

– understand the emotions and circumstances behind the words
– choose to want to forgive their offenders
– embrace the truth about who they are created to be
– recognize the effect of both negative and positive self-talk
– pray effectively to break the power of negative words
– and walk in the freedom God provides in his Word

She also encourages readers to find ways to use their own words to lift up the people God places in their paths. This week on the blog, I am reviewing the book, Breaking the power of negative words. How positive words can heal by Mary Busha.


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Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. How often do you recount saying this in your younger days in an attempt to disguise the impact of hurtful words by your opponent?

Words are powerful, they have the ability to uplift and also the ability to hurt. Even the Bible tells us in Proverbs18:21 NLT that “the tongue can bring death or life”.

The book BREAKING THE POWER OF NEGATIVE WORDS takes us on a journey of how words spoken to us, words we speak to ourselves and words we speak to others impacts not only our lives but others as well.

In her book, the author discusses how words spoken to us early in our life tend to influence our trajectory. One such example she looked at was Mary Kay Ash. Growing up, Mary Kay Ash, the founder behind Mary Kay Cosmetics was often told by her mom, “you can do it.” At a young age, she had to take care of her ill father while her mom worked full time. In such instances her mom would reinforce to her daughter that “you can do it”. This became ” Mary Kay’s, childhood motto. Mary Kay has since grown up to be one of the most successful female entrepreneur in America.

More often than not, the words spoken to us aren’t positive. Behind those hurtful words are usually broken people. Hurt people often hurt people and often times the hurtful words coming our way have nothing to do with us. The author alluded to the fact that if we are willing to forgive those who have wronged us, we can be freed from the bondage of negative words.

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One key point made by the author is that we tend to become what we perceive or speak about ourselves. For example, if we believe we are bad at Mathematics, we will likely put up a roadblock and this eventually becomes our reality. Through a six step process, she helps the reader find freedom from their hurting words with each point  supported with scripture.

In her book, the author shared various stories to help the reader understand the impact that negative words can have. Each chapter ends with discussion questions to help the reader reflect on what they read and to think about how they can apply it to their live’s.

Some of my takeaways from the book are:

  • To develop and attitude of gratitude, look for the good in others and in your self.
  • Just as you need to protect yourself from the words of others, you need to protect yourself from your own words.
  • Replace negative words with God’s promises. Personalize and insert your name into the Bible promises that you read.
  • Be willing to forgive those who have wronged us.


This book was a struggle for me, it just didn’t speak my language. BREAKING THE POWER OF NEGATIVE WORDS takes us on a journey of how words spoken to us, words we speak to ourselves and words we speak to others impacts not only our lives but others as well. It wasn’t a bad book to read, well researched actually, I just failed to connect with the authors voice. This book is more geared towards an older audience than a younger demographic. For those looking to combat hurtful words, the author does provide a variety of practical tips to help readers understand and break free from the negative words that are holding them hostage. Purchase Breaking The Power of Negative Words on Amazon.

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