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Learning How to Pray

Think about your bestie for a moment. In an average day, how many times do you communicate.If you are like me, probably way too many times than you care to admit. We want to share exciting tidbits about our day, give them that inside scoop about that guy who finally asked you out, or just to simply share words of inspiration. Whatever it may be, just like your bestie God wants the opportunity to interact with you and for you to tell him your inner most secrets. You will never have to worry about him sharing your secrets. Best of all he listens, he won’t cut you off mid sentence and he is never too busy for you.


Prayer is that avenue through which we can communicate our inner most thoughts to our creator. By praying we deepen our trust in God allowing him to speak to us and through us. As with any skill you get better with practice. You learn to pray by actually praying. Don’t decide not to pray just because you feel like you don’t know how to pray. If you can only pray for a minute, do that. Don’t compare yourself to others who pray lengthy prayers. Start small, the most important step is that you start somewhere and do it consistently. With practice, you will get to where you envision your prayer life.

One of my favorite bible stories is that of Daniel. He wasn’t afraid to pray even when his life was at stake. Under King Darius rule, Daniel had some colleagues who were pretty jealous of him. Since they couldn’t find any fault with Daniel, they figured the best way to attack him would be through his religion. What did they do you may ask? They managed to convince the King that for 30 days anyone who prayed to any God outside of the King would be thrown into a pit of lions. Think about it for a bit if you were Daniel and you heard about this decree, what would you do? Would you remain faithful to praying to your God or would you figure its just 30 days what does it really matter?

How to Pray Effectively

Well, Daniel was bold he continued his usual act of praying to God three times a day right beside the open window. When Daniel was attacked for failing to obey the king, God rewarded his faithful servant by protecting him in the den of lions. Just like Daniel, prayer helps to guide us through the toughest of times.

So, what exactly is Prayer? All About Prayer puts it best, “Prayer is our direct line with heaven. Prayer is a communication process that allows us to talk to God! He wants us to communicate with Him, like a person-to-person phone call. Cell phones and other devices have become a necessity to some people in today’s society. We have Bluetooth devices, blackberries, and talking computers! These are means of communication that allow two or more people to interact, discuss and respond to one another. To many people, prayer seems complicated, but it is simply talking to God.”

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I would often shy away from praying in groups as I felt I couldn’t pray. Here I was a christian, but felt my prayers weren’t as eloquent as those that I heard pray at church. I could barely pray for five minutes much less those lengthy prayers that I looked up to. I never repeatedly said Lord God or Father God, did that mean I was doing things wrong? When speaking with a friend, you don’t repeatedly mention their name, God hasn’t forgotten that you are speaking with him, so there is no need to repeatedly mention his name.

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