10 Of The Best Christian Zumba Routines For Beginners

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This week on the blog, we discussed, “How to Witness” if you missed it, you can check it out here.  I am also linking up with some fabulous bloggers participating in the Salt & Light linkup . Be sure to check them out and follow your favorites.Since its Friday, I felt we could talk a little bit about fitness. Exercise isn’t only good for your health but it perks up your mood as well.

One of my goals over the next year, is to lose 20 pounds.I really need a plan to kick-start my exercise regimen. My go to medium is going to be Zumba. Zumba is fun, it pumps you up and best of all you can burn around 500 calories during a 1 hour hard core workout session. Come join me as we not only look and feel good but also have some fun.

The following is a compilation of some of the best christian Zumba videos I have come across. I don’t own rights to these videos. Whether you are looking for christian zumba classes, zumba videos with christian music or a christian dance workout, I have got you covered. This week on the blog, I am sharing my top 10 fun beginner friendly Christian Zumba Routines to get you moving towards your fitness goals.

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10 Beginner Friendly Christian Zumba Routines


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