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book of Genesis summary

Looking for a book of Genesis summary? For many, as a new year resolution, we vow to read the Bible in a year. By default, Genesis is where most of us start. Some of us bravely make it through all 50 chapters, kudos to you! while the rest of us get lost within the pages of the book of Genesis and we put a pause on reading until it becomes a resolution again the following year.

As I dive into a summary of the book of genesis with you, my hope is that it will drive renewed interest to study the Genesis Bible stories instead of superficially reading over them. Genesis makes for an intriguing read, its got drama, a murder, sibling rivalry and even promises of a redeemer.

Genesis has become one of my favorite books in the Bible it’s filled with popular stories you probably heard growing up: people just like me and you who mess up but ultimately realize their wrong, the entrance of sin into the world and a loving God promises to make amends, the covenant God made with Abraham, and the sons of Jacob who ultimately form the 12 tribes of Israel. Genesis is an interesting read that forms the foundation of what you’ll read about in the other books of the Bible. Let’s dive into this summary of Genesis!

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Book of Genesis Summary

The book of Genesis is the first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament.

The book is divided into two main sections: the first few chapters cover the creation of the universe, the first human beings, and the early history of humanity, while the remaining chapters focus on the lives of the patriarchs, including Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Through its vivid storytelling, the book of Genesis explores themes such as sin, redemption, and the relationship between God and humanity. It also raises important questions about free will, morality, and the nature of God, making it a rich source of inspiration and contemplation for readers of all faiths.

In Genesis we also find the origins of some of the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith, those related to marriage, God’s plan for gender and the story of the gospel. 

Genesis kicks of with the creation story, where God is seen creating the world in 6 days and resting on the seventh. During the creation week, he creates Adam and Eve and a beautiful garden for them to reside. This picture perfect world didn’t last though as man was tempted and fell to sin, which kickstarts the gospel story. We later begin to see some of the effects of sin with Cain killing his brother Abel. 

Wickedness then increases on the land and God warns Noah of an impending flood. Sadly, only Noah and his family survived the flood alongside the animals that were with him in the ark. God then promises Noah that he will never again send a flood to destroy the earth again, a reminder of which we see whenever we see a rainbow in the sky. 

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Righteous Noah later gets drunk and Ham instead of covering his fathers nakedness goes and tells his brothers about his fathers state. In the end, Canaan becomes cursed by his father. The people of the land then decide that they wanted to build a tower with its top up to the sky. God saw what they were doing and confounded their language so they couldn’t easily understand each other. If you have ever wondered why we have so many languages, here is your answer!

God then establishes a covenant with a man named Abraham and promises to make him the father of many nations. He rolls for while with his nephew Lot but due to increasing quarreling between the two camps, they decide to separate. One going left and the other right. Of course, later Abraham rescues lot after he gets taken as a prisoner while living in Sodom. 

In stories that follow, we later read of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the struggles of Abraham and his wife Sarah to conceive. Sarah gives her handmaid Hagar to Abraham to be his wife. This isn’t without rivalry which we see develop and creates animosity in the camp. Abraham and Sarah later give birth to a son named Isaac and God tests Abraham’s faith by commanding him to sacrifice Isaac. Of course God is indeed faithful and provides a ram instead. Again we get to experience God’s faithfulness in later providing Rebekah as Isaac’s wife. They then give birth to twins Jacob and Esau. 

Jacob steals the blessing from his brother Esau and eventually his children forms the 12 tribes of Israel which we read about in books of the Bible that follows. But, here are some of the juicy stories that are still to come as you read the book of Genesis.

Jacob flees to his mothers brother called Laban where he falls in love with Rachel. But the eldest can’t get married before the youngest so he gets tricked into marrying Leah and in total works 14 years for uncle Laban. There is sibling rivalry between Rachel and Leah because one feels more loved than the other while of course the other struggles to conceive after God closes her womb.

Eventually God blesses Rachel with a son named Joseph whom his brothers hated and sold into slavery. He then becomes the hero of the story after he becomes an officer in Pharaoh’s house and saves the people of the land from famine including his beloved brothers. Before his rise to fame though, he had his own struggles, as his master’s wife wanted to sleep with him and he ran away from temptation. She twisted the story to her husband and Joseph got placed in prisoner for a period.

Intermingled amongst these Bible stories in Genesis, we also read about the defilement of Leah’s daughter Dinah and the story of Judah and Tamar who after her 2 husbands died ended up sleeping with her father in law to get what she was promised. The remainder of Genesis sees the people of Israel growing into a mighty nation which you will see the Lord work through as we step into the book of Exodus. 

Outline of Genesis

Here is a simplified outline of some of the Bible stories found in the book of Genesis

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The Creation of the World – Genesis 1-2

The Fall of Man – Genesis 3-5

The Story of Noah and the Flood– Genesis 6-10

The Tower of Babel– Genesis 11:1-9

Abraham and the Birth of the Hebrew Nation – Genesis 12-25

The Story of Sodom and Gomorrah – Genesis 19

The Story of Isaac– Genesis 26-28

The Story of Jacob  – Genesis 29-36

The Story of Joseph and the Israelites growth in Egypt – Genesis 37-50

Important Facts About The Book of Genesis

Let’s dive into some important facts about the book of Genesis. The book of Genesis is the first book in the series of books known as the Pentateuch or commonly known as the Torah (law). Genesis is believed to have been written by Moses likely during the forty years when the Israelites wandered through the dessert. While Moses would have lived later than the events described in Genesis, he would have used earlier sources and resources such as genealogical lists to compile the details of the book of Genesis.

The book of Genesis is called “Bereshit” by the Jews meaning In the beginning, name from the beginning lines found in the book of Genesis. Genesis is actually the Greek for the word beginning with the name originally used in the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament. 

There are at least 200 references of the book of Genesis in the New Testament. With so many mentions it alludes to the importance and validity of this foundational book.

Many of the stories found in Genesis bare similarities to various myths found in many different cultures around the world of course with their own take on the story. Maybe you might be familiar with the following: 

  • In Hawaiian mythology, Nu’u was a man who built an ark with which he escaped a Great Flood
  • The story of Atlantis is a legendary tale of a highly advanced civilization that existed thousands of years ago on a mysterious island beyond the pillars of Hercules. According to the legend, the Atlanteans were a morally and spiritually enlightened people who possessed incredible technological prowess and enjoyed an idyllic way of life. However, their greed and hubris led them to turn away from the gods and indulge in immoral pursuits. As punishment, the gods unleashed a catastrophic event that caused the island to sink beneath the sea, destroying the civilization and all its treasures.

FAQ’S About The Book of Genesis

How Many Chapters in Genesis?

The book of Genesis can be divided into basically two sections, primeval history chapters 1-11, deals with creation and the establishment of the earth and patriarchal history chapters 12-50 that focuses on the covenant that God made with Abraham and his descendants. 

What is the Book of Genesis About?

The main message of Genesis, is one of new beginnings. It reveals the creation of the world, how sin enters it and our ultimate need for a savior. Genesis lays the foundation for everything else we read about in scripture, it shows God’s covenant to redeem his people which we see begin to see unravel in subsequent  books of the Bible with Genesis setting the scene. As you read the book of Genesis, consider making note of the promises and covenants God makes with his people. 

I think the book of Genesis could be summed up with the following two key verses. 

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Genesis 3:15 

“And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.” Genesis 17:7

There are four prominent themes that come up as we read through the book of Genesis. They include: 

  • Creation
  • Sinfulness 
  • God’s Covenant
  • God’s Faithfulness
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Who Wrote the Book of Genesis?

Moses is believed to have authored the book of Genesis, in recent years however, this authorship has been questioned by various critics. 

What Does The Book of Genesis Teach us?

The book of Genesis teaches us about God and who he is along with his faithfulness so evident in the Bible stories of Genesis. It also sheds light on the story of the gospel.

What is Genesis in the Bible? Where is Genesis in the Bible?

Genesis is the first book in the Bible, the first of the five books of the Torah (the law) in the Bible.

Understanding The Book of Genesis – In-depth Study of the Book of Genesis

There is so much to think and talk about in the Book of Genesis. It is one of the most interesting books in all the Bible. And so applicable to us today in so many ways.

In this book God answers for us some of the most basic questions of life.  We all have a need to know…

  • “How did the world come into existence?”
  • “Where did I come from?”
  • “Why am I here?”

If you are looking to deep diver further into understanding the book of Geneses, consider the Genesis Bible study journal. This Bible Study divides the Book of Genesis into short reading assignments 5 days a week for 18 weeks, making it possible to slow down and really listen for what God has for you each day. The Bible Study utilizes the HEAR Bible study method with clear instructions on how to use IT. If you are looking for a study method that is super simple while drawing you into closer fellowship with God, you will want to check out the Genesis H.E.A.R. Bible study. This study method allow you to go as deep as you have time for each day.

Book of Genesis Chapter Summaries

If you find that after studying, you still have questions about what you have read, consider reading various commentaries to gain additional insights. You can use a website like Blue Letter Bible to find commentaries online from various Bible Teachers or consider exploring Matthew Henry’s commentary which provides an exhaustive overview of every verse in the Bible. 

Matthew Henry’s Genesis Commentary

Book of Genesis Summary

The book of Genesis is a foundational text for Christianity, serving as the origin story of humanity and the world. It covers the creation of the universe and the first human beings, the story of Adam and Eve and their fall from grace, the great flood and the story of Noah and his family, and the lives of the patriarchs, including Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The book also explores themes such as sin, redemption, and the relationship between God and humanity. Through its vivid storytelling and powerful imagery, the book of Genesis continues to capture the imagination and inspire contemplation of life’s biggest questions. 

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