Free Printable Bible Word Search Puzzles For Adults


Looking for a fun way to study the Bible? Try these Free Printable Bible Word Search Puzzles. They are perfect for all ages! With so many different categories including “Bible Characters” and “Books of the Bible”, you’ll have lots of opportunity to reinforce your Bible knowledge.


This fun activity can be done as a group or individually; it’s up to you! All the clues are related to a particular biblical theme, so you’ll be having fun working on your new favorite puzzle while learning God’s word. 


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Free Printable Bible Word Search For Adults

We pulled together a collection of printable bible word search puzzles for adults that can be used to make your next Bible study more engaging. Simply download the bible word search printable pdf and print.

Included in this collection are several, books of the bible word search, hard bible word search as well as easy bible word search.

Bible Word Search Puzzles

Large Print Bible Word Search

If you are on the hunt for some large print bible word search, here are some great bible word search books you may want to check out!  I have included both large print bible word search options as well as the regular size books. If you enjoy these, click on the title or image to find more information about each book.


These printable bible word search puzzles for adults can be used to make your next Bible study more interactive. You can totally do these on your own or make it a family night activity.

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This Puzzle Book contains 101 Bible-themed word search puzzles plus a bonus puzzle with a hidden message. Each puzzle is included in finely decorated floral frames that can be colored as desired. Makes a Perfect Gift for a Mom, a Grandma, for the Person you love who likes to solve Puzzle Books.



With easily readable type, this Brain Games Bible Word Search gives your eyes a break while giving your brain a workout. Includes more than 80 word search puzzles about biblical people, places, or events.



The World’s Largest Bible Word Search – Includes over 500+ pages of puzzles! Search the most popular and inspirational Bible verses for underlined words in the grids.



Free Bible Word Search App

If you are not into printed Bible word search puzzles, you could consider downloading a free bible word search app instead. There are several bible word search apps available on both Android and the App Store. Here are a couple to consider:


Bible Word Search Free – Fun word search game made up of over 200 words from the Bible. 

Bible Word Search – Immerse yourself in messages from God’s Word with this tastefully curated collection of word puzzles. Explore topics ranging from the the Old Testament to Prophets in the Bible.


Bible Word Search Books

Bible word search puzzles are a fun way to study the Bible and reinforce what you know. We’ve provided several different options for you to choose from, so there’s something for everyone! Have your group or family try this activity together today and see how much more confident they feel in their knowledge of Scripture.


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