By spending time in the word of God, we develop a closer relationship with him. The following is a roundup of various free bible studies for 20 somethings, young adults and the young at heart. Get inspiration for bible study topics for youth group lessons. If you are struggling with getting started with a bible study routine, be sure to check out the post, “How To Read The Bible: The Beginners Guide“, for tips and additional resources.

Have you come across fun devotions for youths? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to add them to the list.


Bible Character Studies For Youth


Proverbs 12 Week Study

In this study of Proverbs you will find instruction for personal conduct, character, godliness, sexual relations, debt, child-rearing, ambition, wealth, business, politics, revenge, alcohol, and much more.

John 12 Week Study

This is a great study for new believers, as well as, those who just can’t get enough of reading and thinking about Jesus’ life. And about what all Jesus did here means for us.

Monthly Themed Devotionals

Each theme has a worksheet to download with a verse to study for the week. The worksheet encourages you to write the verse, log your observations as you read, journal the application for the scripture in your life and also write down a prayer.

James 3 Week Study

The Book of James gives much practical instruction on how to live out our faith.  James focuses on the practical demonstration of one’s faith through good works.

Genesis 18 Week Study 

The Book of Genesis gives the beginning of the history of the universe and mankind and God’s dealings with man.  Genesis is where all of life as we know it began. In this book God answers for us some of the most basic questions of life.

Hosea 3 Week Study

Do you ever wonder, “How could God love me?” Or “Could God really forgive me?” Or “What will the Judgment be like?” Find the answers as we look at the life and prophecy of Hosea.

Faithbox - Embrace Your Faith Today!

Biblical Boss Babe Bible Study

This Study contains five weeks of content all about biblical womanhood! This study breaks down the attributes of popular female figures in the Bible and equips you to translate these attributes into your own life.

The Struggle Is Real 5 Day Bible Study

The struggle is real but so is God. This is a 5 day bible study guide developed by Misty Phillip.

6 Weeks To Building A Healthy Life

Is God part of your health and fitness goals? Can you see God’s love for you when you look into the mirror. This 6-week guide encourages you to invite Jesus into your daily life and experience peace with your body once and for all. In this guide you’ll find:Weekly memory verse, Encouragement for your week and discussion questions that can be used in a small group or as part of your own reflection.

Acts In 30 Days

A beginners bible study and reading plan, developed by Loving Christ Ministries.

Diamonds Devo 31

Unearth 31 exciting gems from Proverbs 31—a diamond a day for a month—in a fresh devotional that will reassure you of your precious worth, and help you to live out your purpose and passion with wisdom and strength.

Proverbs 31 Bible Study

A mini bible study on Proverbs 31, developed by Coffee Time With Him.

Mark 30 Day Study

The God of Miracles. Have you ever needed a miracle? Or wondered why some people get healed when you pray for them and other people don’t? We are so blessed to serve the God of Miracles, but we often struggle to believe a miracle is possible for us personally. It’s so easy to get offended when healing doesn’t come, and begin to believe those kinds of things don’t happen anymore. Not because scripture tells us to expect the miracles to end, but because we’ve come to believe our experiences or lack of experiences more than we believe the Bible. Maybe we just need a reminder of the miracle working God we serve to build our faith.

How To Suit Up For Life’s Battles

This 10 day Bible Study will teach you to: Use story to connect with God’s Word each day. Be prepared for life’s battles and able to hold your ground. Get out of survival mode and start playing offense.

Find Your Calling

This 3 week study will equip and empower you to hear God’s call, learn how to discern His voice and find the strength and courage to step out in faith and follow your call! Finding Confidence and Clarity in where God wants you.

Raising An Esther Generation Bible Study

Body Image struggles, Identity crises are real. Ever heard those lies that say ‘you are not good enough’, ‘you are not beautiful’, ‘you can’t fit in’? Dive into this beautiful study on raising an Esther generation.

Psalms 119 Study

The beautiful truths of Psalm 119 will teach you how to:

  • Live your life without regrets
  • Be single-minded in your pursuit of God
  • Deflect the harsh words of your critics
  • Be fully satisfied in God alone
  • Live a life in-step with God’s Word

Worthy of the Calling

Do you sometimes feel you are too busy for Bible study? Do you long to grow in your Christian faith, yet struggle to find the right place to start?

The beautiful truths of Ephesians will teach you…

  • How to Root your life in God’s Word
  • How to Access your Spiritual Wealth
  • How God’s Work Empowers your Walk
  • What it means to be Alive in Christ
  • How to Love because you are Loved
  • How to Pray with Perseverance
  • How to Foster your Spiritual Gifts

Reclaim The Sabbath

FREE 6-week video series and guided Scripture reading plan on Sabbath rest. Together we will learn why God established the Sabbath and the glorious blessings it holds for us when we choose to receive it as a gift. Let’s learn how to create space for sacred rest together!

100 Days With Christ

100 Days with Christ is a free Bible reading plan that takes you chronologically through the life and ministry of Christ in all four gospels. The accounts of Jesus’ life, teaching and ministry are harmonized in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and then divided it into daily chunks for Bible reading.

Esther 3 Week Study

The book of Esther is a beautiful story of one woman who courageously gave of herself for the will of God and His people.