6 Reasons The She Reads Truth Bible May Not Be For You


I have been on the hunt for a new Bible for a while now, but after months of searching, I finally settled on the CSB She Reads Truth Study Bible.

This is my honest She Reads Truth Bible Review after owning it for over seven months. In this post I will explore six (6) reasons why you may not want to purchase the She Reads Truth Bible.

she reads truth bible review

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What Is The She Reads Truth Bible?

The mission behind the She Reads Truth Bible is to have women in the word of God daily. It is beautifully crafted with illustrated verses, maps, charts and timelines. All designed to help increase understanding by the reader and to artfully highlight the beauty, goodness, and truth of scripture. There is also a He Reads Truth Bible Available for men!


What Version of the Bible is She Reads Truth?

The She Reads Truth Bible Translation uses the Christian Standard Bible Translation (CSB). The CSB translation uses a combination of both word for word and thought for thought. This makes the CSB Bible translation very reader friendly especially for those new to reading the Bible. You can learn more about Bible Translations in this Bible Translation Comparison.


Is the She Reads Truth Bible A Study Bible?

The CSB She Reads Truth Bible is in fact a study Bible. It was designed to help readers understand the Bible more clearly. It includes features such as: book introductions, maps, charts and timelines to help provide the reader with context and biblical interpretation.


CSB She Reads Truth Bible Review

If you are trying to determine whether the She Reads Truth Bible is for you, here are six (6) reasons to consider!


Really Thin Pages

The She Reads Truth Bible is advertised as a bible with wide margins for journaling and note taking which is awesome for those looking for a daily study bible. However, when it comes to the She Reads Truth Bible, one of the most common complaints you will hear is that the pages are really thin. Personally I feel that all bible pages are thin and the She Reads Truth Bible is no different.

If you are a bible journaler, a bible journaling bible designed specifically for bible journaling may be best for you. The Muji and Micron pens are the best pens to use in your She Reads Truth Bible as per the publishers or you can try these Pilot Frixion Light Pastel Collection erasable highlighters.

To somewhat combat the thin pages, the bible comes with a pretty sturdy cover and sleeve which protects the pages of the bible. I have the poppy linen version of the bible but you can also get in several different colors. Check out all the colors available for the She Reads Truth Study Bible.


Book Background And Reading Plans

The CSB She Reads Truth Bible is not for you if you don’t like having bible backgrounds available at your finger tips. Bible backgrounds allow you to get a synopsis of what a book of the bible is about prior to reading. Usually I go to the bible project for an overview but going online often proves to be a distraction. So, having a book background in my bible is a welcome feature. I also like that they include a bible reading plan that you can use as a guide to read the book off in a month. Included are also cross reference text material to help you go deeper.


Maps, Charts and Timelines

The CSB She Reads Truth Bible is not for you if you don’t care about geographical context, illustrations or how different passages of the bible relate to each other or timeline of world events. The She Reads Truth Bible is filled with maps, charts and timelines to help bring your reading to life. For example, as I am reading the book of Exodus, I can refer to the root of the exodus map where I can get a visual representation of the Israelites journey from  Egypt to Canaan.

Beautifully Designed

The CSB She Reads Truth Bible is not for you if you are not searching for a bible that is beautifully designed. As one reviewer on Amazon mentioned, “the kind of bible you want to hug and carry around  because it is just so beautiful.” I couldn’t have said it any better! It features sixty six (66) artfully lettered found at the beginning of each book. Perfect for aiding in scripture memorization. When I originally purchased the bible I was captivated by its beauty, attention to detail and pop of color compared to the hardcover bible I owned previously. I figured it would get me even more excited and look forward to my time spent in the word. While this was the case initially, this feeling eventually wore off and I found myself resorting to my digital bible.


Prefer Commentary Over She Reads Truth Devotionals

The CSB She Reads Truth Bible is not for you if you prefer commentaries over devotionals. The She Reads Truth Bible does not include commentary but comes with 189 devotionals written by the She Reads Truth writing team. I find each devotional to be particularly relevant to the section of the Bible you read prior , helping to give you further food for thought. While a neat feature , I did find myself at times skipping through to read the devotionals in lieu of the word of God. To get an idea of what their devotionals are like, you can download the She Reads Truth App  where you can also read various She Reads Truth Devotionals.


CSB Bible Translation

If you are not into modern translations, then this Bible isn’t for you. It uses the CSB Bible Translation which may not be a cup of tea for everyone. The CSB was created using the optimal equivalence Bible Translation philosophy. I am a big believer in utilizing Bible translations that you are comfortable with/ easy to read and understand and the She Reads Truth Bible fits that bill. As of late however, I find myself reaching back for the good old King James Version, which sadly the She Reads Truth Bible is not available in. If you have no issues with the CSB bible translation then the She Reads Truth Bible is a good choice for a daily study Bible. Check out current pricing on Amazon!


She Reads Truth Bible Review

The She Reads Truth Bible is a beautifully crafted Bible aimed at getting women in the word. Perfect for young women! What are your all time favorite study Bibles for women?


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