SOAP method of bible study


Are you looking for an effective way to study the Bible? If so, then the SOAP Bible Study Method may be just what you need! This powerful yet simple Bible study strategy has been used by people all over the world to become more focused in their daily Bible Study.


There are so many fun an exciting ways to dive into the word of God. As you explore different ways to study the Bible for yourself, you are bound to come across the SOAP Bible study method at some point.


While there are slight variations of this popular Bible Study method, the SOAP Bible Study method is a simple yet practical bible study method that is perfect for beginners.


Want to know why? Continue reading and let’s explore why the SOAP Bible Study Method is an excellent choice especially for beginners and learn how to study the Bible using the SOAP Bible study method.

SOAP Bible study method


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What is A SOAP Bible Study Method?

Not only is the acronym easy to remember, it’s a fruitful way to get more from your Bible study time than just merely reading God’s word. The SOAP bible study method can be broken down into 4 simple steps:


S – Scripture

O- Observation

A- Application

P- Prayer


To get started, you will need a daily Bible reading plan, alongside your favorite pen and highlighters. While you don’t specifically need a SOAP Bible Study reading plan  you will need a verse to meditate on. Here are some ideas for choosing a verse to SOAP:

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* Use your daily topical scripture writing plan, just ensure you read the verse in context so you get the full picture.

* SOAP a verse that stood out to you during the weekly sermon at your church.

* As you study a book of the Bible, choose a key verse to SOAP from your reading.

* Use the key verse found in your favorite daily devotional, this may require that you read a few verses before and after so you get the proper context  for when you reach the observation stage.


It’s also helpful to have a notebook handy to take Bible study notes as you go through each step of the process. Plus it keeps all your notes together for future reference.


While you can certainly use a composition notebook, If you are looking for a Bible study notebook that’s a bit more inviting and easy to carry around, you may which to consider this Bible Study notebook to keep track of your notes. If you are more of a binder type, here is a printable Bible study notebook that you can download and reuse over and over again.


SOAP Bible study journal printable pdf


Soap Bible Study Method Explained

Scripture – In this stage you will want to read the passage and then physically write the verse out. Writing out scripture helps with scripture memorization and gets you to slow down while you focus on the scripture.


If am reading multiple passages like a chronological Bible reading plan, then I would just select a key verse to SOAP. Usually this is the verse that spoke to me during my reading.

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While not specifically a requirement of the SOAP Bible Study method, here are some additional steps you can take to dig deeper:


* Highlight keywords or words you are unfamiliar with and look them up in a dictionary.

* Read the cross references for additional insight.



Observation – During this stage you will want to make note of anything that stood out to you, it helps if you read the passage in multiple translations. To dig deeper, try answering questions such as who, what, where, when, why, how. You may need to refer to a Bible commentary for this.


Who wrote the book?

What was happening during the time period that the book was written?

When did the events take place? When was the book written?

Where was the book written? Where was the location of the audience?


Application – I love creating list, partly because I love marking things off once they are completed. I find it helpful to list practical ways I can apply what I have learnt  which I will later try to apply my daily life.


During the application stage of the SOAP Bible study method, you will want to reflect on what you have uncovered and try to answer the question, what have I learnt and how can I utilize this information or apply it to my life. What is God trying to reach me with this passage?




Prayer – Do you struggle with knowing what to pray? The SOAP Bible Study Method makes this easy. Pray the verse back to God. Reflect on your lessons learnt and pray that God will help you apply these lessons to your life. Feel free to write out the prayer in your favorite prayer journal or just simply pray it out loud.

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SOAP Bible Study Method Printable

There are tons of free SOAP Bible Study Printables on Pinterest, but as a quick reference guide here are some cute SOAP Bible Study Printables to get you started. If you are more into printed journals, the following best selling SOAP Bible Study journal is also a popular choice on Amazon!


My Faith Printable – I love this site! There are over 21 different free SOAP Bible Study printable designs you can download and mix and match for your study times.



SOAP Bible Study Method Summary

I hope you found this step by step guide helpful. Just like anything  new, it will take a while to get a hang of it but once you do, you will for sure find your Bible study time to be more beneficial.


Let me know in the comments, what are your favorite Bible Study methods and what you think of the SOAP method of Bible Study. Don’t forget to download your SOAP Bible Study Journal !



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