The Key To Making God Priority In Your Life

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“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them.” Ecclesiastes12:1 KJV



Have you ever wondered what happens when an unstoppable object meets an unmovable object?

When too worlds collide? On March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747 passenger jets on route to Gran Carnaria Airport got diverted to Los Rodeos Airport now Tenerife-North Airport.

At the time, there was a bomb explosion at Gran Carnaria airport and the threat of a second bomb. Air Traffic controllers were forced to park many of the diverted flights at Los Rodeos on the taxiway until the nearby airport re-opened.

Things were chaotic and heavy fog reduced visibility for the pilots as well as the air traffic controllers. Once the nearby airport re-opened, air traffic controllers got started with getting the planes stranded at their airport to takeoff and get on their way.

Then the inevitable happened, two airplanes on the runway at the same time, one in full throttle mode heading for the other. Unable to see each other due to the heavy fog until it was too late. KLM 4805 and PAN AM 1736 collided and 583 persons lost their lives with only 61 persons surviving. The deadliest aviation accident in history.

As a young adult, what has priority in your life. Do you find you are obsessed with the things of the world while also trying to live a Christian life? Are you so deeply entrenched in worldly things that you no longer see what you are doing as wrong? We often think we have all the time in the world, we are young after all. But, in a split second our lives can turn upside down.

I am sure those passengers didn’t expect that those few seconds on the runway would be their very last moments. When what you have devoted your time to is no more, what will you do? Will you live in regret, wishing you never spent your days devoted to the things of the world or will you be content knowing that you spent your time developing a closer walk with God?

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In Luke 10 we read the story of Mary and Martha. Martha is concerned with the well being of her guest. Ensuring that they are well taken care of, they are fed and the house is clean. She becomes annoyed with her sister who should be helping but isn’t. Mary is rather sitting at Jesus feet. When she complains to Jesus, instead of picking up for her, he tells her Mary is doing the right thing. Focusing on what’s important, a relationship with Jesus rather than the trivialities of this world.

Are you on a collision path with your faith? Are you a Martha or are you a Mary? You can make God a priority in your life today through a habit of daily prayer and consistently spending time in the word. If you feel like the demands and distractions of life have you pushing God off to the side, take some time today to seek God in prayer and ask him to help you make him the priority in your life.


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    January 21, 2018 at 1:51 am

    So easy to lose focus of what’s important. Thanks for this.

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