Making God A Priority When Chasing Success




As my eyes struggled to open, I sleepily reached for my phone under my pillow to check on the time.

Oh no I sighed, it was 5:55AM almost time for me to start getting dressed for work. I mindlessly checked the weather, then my emails, then Facebook and Pinterest. Before I knew it 25 minutes had passed. I had not only ignored that still soft voice urging me to start off my day in prayer but now I was running late for work. Morning devotions was no longer in the picture at least not if I didn’t want to get fired. My day continued just as it started, finding other things to do but the one thing that was truly priority.

Whether it be social media or our to do list, life has a funny way of getting in the way of our time with God; am I right?

There is so much to life. We want to travel the world, establish our careers, volunteer in the community, start a business, maybe get famous. Life is a party and we should live it to its fullest. You have one life to live and you got to live it up, am I right? But is this really the right perspective?


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making god a priority

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Benefits of Putting God First

On March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747 passenger jets on route to Gran Carnaria Airport got diverted to Los Rodeos Airport now Tenerife-North Airport.

At the time, there was a bomb explosion at Gran Carnaria airport and the threat of a second bomb. Air Traffic controllers were forced to park many of the diverted flights at Los Rodeos on the taxiway until the nearby airport re-opened.

Things were chaotic and heavy fog reduced visibility for the pilots as well as the air traffic controllers. Once the nearby airport re-opened, air traffic controllers got started with getting the planes stranded at their airport to takeoff and get on their way.

Then the inevitable happened, two airplanes on the runway at the same time, one in full throttle mode heading for the other. Unable to see each other, due to the heavy fog, until it was too late. KLM 4805 and PAN AM 1736 collided and 583 persons lost their lives with only 61 persons surviving. Recorded as the deadliest aviation accident in history.

I am sure those passengers didn’t expect those few seconds on the runway would be their very last moments. They were likely expecting to reunite with their families, kick-start their vacation plans or maybe even show up for that conference that they registered for nearly 4 months prior.

Though people say that we should live life to its fullest, I believe we should live our lives doing God’s will because what truly matters is when God comes back for his children. Will he say “I know you not” or “well done good and faithful servant”? Don’t be fooled by Hollywood about a life after death, the Bible doesn’t teach that. Refer to some of the following passages if you want to learn more: Job 14:12, 21;Psalms 146:4; 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17. You have one life to live and your free will choices determines your destiny.

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How Do We Go About Making God A Priority


Give Yourself Grace

We all have days where we fail miserably at making God a priority. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The key is to get back up and keep trying. Just because you haven’t prayed or studied your Bible in months doesn’t mean you should give up seeking a relationship with God. Pray and ask God to guide your actions and to help you in making him a priority.

Faith It Till You Make It

I don’t quite recall where I heard this expression, but in business school they tell you to fake it till you make it. In other words, practice makes perfect. Nothing in life worth having comes easy. Instead of trying to fit God into a time slot, plan your day with God. That could look something like this, listening to some worship music while doing laundry, tuning in to a Christian podcast on your way to work, meditating on scripture over your lunch hour or simply trying out new ways to study the Bible. Start small and eventually you will get to the point where you would like to be.

Spiritual Priorities

Chasing things of the world isn’t anything new. My rich young brother in Christ, King Solomon was filthy rich. He could buy as many Bugatti Veyrons that he wanted. He was from a famous family, had prestige and it certainly didn’t hurt that he was good looking. In my eyes, he was a playboy as he had 700 wives and 300 concubines. You could say he pretty much lived his life to its fullest doing what he pleased when ever he wanted. He built himself a castle and even the temple of the Lord. He did his hearts desires, name it he likely did it.

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Despite all he did and all he had, when he looked back on his life, he exclaimed all to be vanity. Instead in Ecclesiastes 12:13 he proclaimed, “ the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

I am by no means perfect. Just like you, I am learning to make God a priority. Let us live with intention, put God at the center of all we do and with each passing day, continue to grow in faith. Faith it till you make it!






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