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As the morning service ended I was feeling blessed. My spiritual gas tank was on full, enough to carry me through the week. As I gathered my belongings to exit the temple I could hear my pastor in the background urging the ushers to give each member promotional flyers to hand out for our upcoming evangelistic series.


I was excited about the upcoming series but I scrimmaged at the thought of walking up to a stranger and handing them flyers. Years ago it would have been no big deal as I was young and didn’t really care what others thought. As an adult I was uncomfortable talking about my beliefs. Even the simple act of handing out a flyer seemed difficult, for fear of what others would think of me.


Such a tiny task, yet I found it so difficult. Sharing your faith without fear isn’t always the easiest. In the grand scheme of things, when witnessing for Christ, should we care that others know that we a child of God? I believe we should be proud when others know that we are. The bible tells us in Mark 8:38 NKJV “For whoever is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the son of man also will be ashamed when he comes in the glory of his father with the holy angels.” This week on the blog we will be talking about creative ways to witness.

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How To Spread The Gospel To Unbelievers?

The lord gave us one simple task as Christians, “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Matthew 28:19 NKJV”. Through witnessing we help to spread the word and it also helps to deepen our understanding of scripture. If you are interested in witnessing but just not sure where to start, here are several creative ways to share the gospel including ideas on how to share the gospel in five minutes.



In the digital age, in which we currently live , blogging is a fantastic way to share the message and engage with others. Blogging has become a popular way to express yourself and to spread information. By starting a blog, you can start sharing the gospel with strangers across the globe. Share what God is doing in your life as well as practical lessons you are learning from the Bible that can serve to encourage others. Since I have started my blog, I have had readers from India, South Africa, Vietnam, just to name a few. I have never personally been to any of these countries, but through my blog sharing God’s words have enabled me to impact thousands.


Not too sure what to blog about? There are a variety of blogs which covers topics such as marriage, singleness and dating, Bible Study or even geared towards a group such as Christian teens. If starting a ministry blog is of interest to you, I would encourage you to enroll in Get Your Blog On. It’s s free course that will walk you through step by step with setting up your ministry blog. The course is free and includes video tutorials for visual learners, like myself. “Get Your Blog On.” is a complete guide to help you start a blog ministry the right way without going broke. Here are also some additional tips on How to Grow Your Blog as a New Blogger.

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The lifestyle we live also serves as a witness to others. Be mindful of how you dress, your behavior, as well as how you converse with others. 1 Timothy 2:8-10 says: “Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing. I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.”


As Christians we are on display for our master. You may think persons aren’t watching you, but they are. Daily you are sending indirect messages to your community and those with which you interact. Faith clothing are great conversation starters and a way to share your faith. When individuals get curious, you can share the meaning behind the verse. You can even go a step further and invite them to a youth group function at your church. Here are some of my favorite picks for faith clothing.




Leave Christian books or tracts in public areas. Reach out to local offices and leave Christian magazines, books, flyers etc. in the waiting rooms or even in your apartment foyer. You can even place tracts in mailboxes.

Your local Christian book store or even Amazon, are great places to find resources. You can also rent or purchase community newspaper bins. These are similar to the stands that have your daily newspapers either free or at a cost. A few years ago I read of an individual who purchased one of these stands and placed Christian reading material for persons to take, free of charge. He saw great results, that was his way of witnessing.



When we visit our friends’ homes, one of the first things we notice is the décor. That captivating wall art or that stuffed pillow that accents and warms up the room. Just like with your faith clothing, this makes a wonderful conversation starter. As your friends mingle, they are taking in subliminal messages of God’s goodness and grace. Your décor can also pave the way to share your personal testimony with the group over dinner. Here are some of my favorite home décor picks.






This one may sound intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Get a group of friends together, let them invite a friend, should they choose, and get together to study the bible. The key here, if you are not comfortable with leading the Bible Study, is to find a Bible Study series from one of your favorite Pastors. Whenever the group gets together, you simply can show the DVD.

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You can even get a group of believers together from church and visit a nursing home or a children’s home, sing, play with the kids and tell them stories if you are comfortable with that. That too could be a witnessing medium. Facing the Unknown, a bible study on the book of Joshua was one of the first online Bible Studies I participated in. You can also check out some of these other free bible studies from fellow bloggers.



As part of my job, I often visit trade shows. One of the perks of attending trade shows is all the free promo items you collect. On this particular visit I secured a phone cover for my phone. In the days that pursued, I would often get asked about the company displayed on my phone. The first time I was asked, I had no clue what I was advertising as I merely just wanted the free phone cover.


That got me thinking about how mindful I need to be in the future about not only what I wear but how I accessorize. Just like with your Bible verse t-shirts and home décor, your faith accessory that be the gateway to striking up a conversation and possibly making a Segway into sharing your testimony. These are effective witnessing tools. Here are some of my favorite picks for faith accessories.



Your greatest witness is the life that you live, your testimony. Share what God has done and is doing in your life with family and friends. Through your life they will see God and the impact he is having on your life. The Holy Spirit working on their hearts may then peak their interest to want to learn more about your God. God just wants willing vessels, willing to be used to do his work. Just through regular conversations you can share how God is working in your life.

In sharing your testimony, talk about what life was like before your change occurred. Talk about how God brought change in your life and came through for you then close your testimony off with how things are in your life at present. If you would like to share your testimony, we would love to feature you on the blog. Review our guest posting requirements for more details on guest posting on the blog.



I was a bit leery to list this one, because as Christians I believe we have become a bit lax in what movies we allow into our homes and even allow our kids to watch. However, although far and in between, there are still movies or documentaries which are beneficial to watch. A point to note just because a movie bares the name christian doesn't mean its a good watch. If you are looking for family friendly entertainment, try a free trial of CrossFlix to see if its for you as well as some of my favorite christian love movies.

Now, lets get back to how you can use this as a witnessing tool. Getting friends together, you could perhaps showcase a health focused documentary and then have a discussion on this as a group. You could then weave in that you believe your body is the temple of the Lord, and how you have been living out his health recommendations and the effect it has had on your life.Today's generation is very cognoscente of their health so its one way to appeal to them without being overly preachy.

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While you can gift a LEGO set or a new ipad, why not combine it with some christian content? For example in addition to the LEGO set you could perhaps gift a Christian Teen Bible or even a subscription to a monthly devotional box such as Faith Box. Faith Box includes a monthly devotional, along with faith inspired books, and hand picked products to uplift and spread the wonderful message of Jesus. Whether a Bible, a devotional or even something as simple as a key ring, what matters is that you are sharing your faith and helping the intended recipient to come to know Christ.



Love to read and have friends who love to read as well? Why not start a book club. As a group you can read the book and come together weekly to have discussions around what you read. I particularly like non-fiction books for this but you can also mix things up by including a few fiction titles as well. I have a christian women book reading challenge if this interests you as well as you can checkout the following book suggestions.



If your workplace is anything like mine, you will usually get asked what your plans are for the weekend or how you spent your weekend. Use this to your advantage. You could tell them that you plan to attend church or tell them about the youth group events you have coming up. This usually sparks interest in what you believe. Just be prepared to live up to what you actually believe, they will be watching you even closer from now on. On Monday morning you could show them photos from the event such as that youth camp or women's retreat that you participated in. This confirms to them that yes Christians can have fun too and being Christian isn't all about rules.



With social media being such an active part of our lives, what better way to share the gospel? You could share sermon videos from some of your favorite youth pastors. Share a worship song that has inspired you, your testimony or even share Bible verses. It shouldn't be about arguing with each other that one belief is better than the other or trying to convert people; that's the job of the Holy Spirit. The key here is to be a ray of inspiration in your friends news feed. If you have the You Version Bible App, they make it pretty easy to share to social media. They have daily "verse of the day" with images which you can share to places like Facebook. These are simple ways to share the gospel.



When it comes to sharing your faith, your walk with Christ is your best testimony. Your actions often speak louder than your words. While I have included some creative ways to witness, there isn’t a formula written in stone on how to spread the gospel with unbelievers. Pray about your desire to share the gospel with unbelievers and give these methods on how to start sharing the gospel a try until you find one that resonates with you.


Let me know in the comments which of these practical ways to share your faith you are committing to giving a try.



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